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5 Tips For Creating A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is just one of those things that can transform any room in an instant and is a project that doesn’t take up too much time and won’t break your bank either.

Making a gallery wall is an easy way to add personality to any room, by showcasing your photos, posters, prints or any art you may have that haven’t been given the showcase they deserve. Gallery walls are an excellent way to take up empty space on the walls in your house, big or small especially when they’re empty as they make the room feel fully inhabited in an instant.

If you have a quiet Sunday coming up, why not refresh your walls with some fresh art and photos? There are no rules on creating the perfect design on your gallery wall, but here are our top tips for creating your own.

Tip 1: Select a style.

If you have ever created a mood board before, then this will be easy for you. You want to figure out what kind of style you like before going crazy hammering nails into the walls, so look at images that have a similar style to one another and prints that catch your eye, making sure you like how they all go together and work.

When it comes to frames, start with matching designs or frames with a similar size and then you can start to add a few more contrasting styles, if you want a more stand out design that is. The best gallery walls are built over time so don’t worry about getting everything done in one go, you can always add new designs overtime when you discover something new you like.

Tip 1: Select a style.

Tip 2: Think about the colours.

One way to give your gallery wall a more cohesive look is to pick prints and pictures with a colour or two in common.

The colour in your gallery wall plays a key role in almost every aspect of your design and is often the element that ties everything together. Think about if you would like colour first as it will most likely be the mainline that ties all of your different elements together.

For example, you could just hang black and white prints and instead of trying to add colour to the actual art, add colour to the frames and match them together.

Tip 2: Think about the colours.

Tip 3: Do a trial run.

Once you've got the measurements and decided upon a layout you want for your gallery wall, it is always best to do a mock-up of your design and placement so that you don’t fully commit, putting holes in your walls to see that it’s not how you wanted it to be!

Like in the photo below, you can create templates out of paper and place them onto your desired wall to get a rough idea of the placement and if it’s what you would like before fully committing.

Tip 3: Do a trial run.

Tip 4: No Nails? Wing it.

No hammer or nails? No problem. Grab yourself a roll of Washi Tape and tape your prints to the wall. This method is quicker, easier and a whole lot cheaper way to create your gallery wall and adds a little bit of pattern to your wall too!

Or, if you are renting and don’t want to upset your landlord, there are always other ways to create your gallery wall than hammers and nails. Another great trick is using Command Strips instead, they easily stick to the walls and have a velcro face that can be stuck to the back of a picture frame.

You may not think it but many retailers sell Command Strips or something similar that surprisingly can hold up quite a bit of weight, so you won’t need to worry about coming home one day and your gallery being in a huge pile on the floor!

Tip 4: No Nails? Wing it.

Tip 5: Switch things up.

Even when everything has been put together and your wall is complete, you are still easily able to make any changes that you want. Whether it’s because the style of your room has changed or you just fancy a switch up, that’s the great things about creating your own gallery walls, that they can be as versatile as you wish and you can always keep them fresh!

Play around with the designs and the texture and experiment as much as your heart desires, try framing different things other than designs or prints, try different photos from trips to really make your gallery wall personal to you or check out the newest trends online to see what else you can do.

Tip 5: Switch things up.

We hope that if you have been thinking about creating a gallery wall that these tips have helped or if you were interested in creating one, this has given you some ideas and inspiration!

There are an endless amount of things you can use to create your own gallery wall and this doesn’t just need to be photos, this can also be things such as mirrors, lights, 3D letters and even quirky wall ornaments.

Be creative and go crazy with your gallery wall.

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