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Pandemic 2013 Board Game

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by Francisco on December 20th 2016

Save the human kind from nasty diseases using the different skills from the characters before the diseases take over the world. Players work as a team to eradicate four different viruses and find the cure for all of them. It´s a race against time where evey decision makes a difference.

by Seth on March 18th 2016

Pandemic is a great gateway cooperative game. I'd recommend it for those who have enjoyed games like Forbidden Island and are looking for a step up in difficulty with a more mature theme. It also, happily, will allow you to springboard in to Pandemic Legacy. This is a fantastic game in its own right however. Lovely with two players.

by Michael on January 6th 2016

It's like a giant puzzle which has random events and twists to throw you off when you just think you've figured it all out. It's an incredible game that I have played with different player counts. With two players the game becomes easier being able to slowly cure the earth but something could crop up across the globe and no one anywhere near to fix it. With more players things don't trend to appear far away but can just grow around you. It is easy to learn and anyone can play, I'd definitely suggest it.

by Paul on September 29th 2015

Buy it, buy it, then buy another copy in case you lose the one you just bought. This is a simple to learn but difficult to master multiplayer co-operative game, where the players play against the game itself. Can you and your team use your different skills to travel round the world quelling outbreaks of plagues while trying to find cures by collecting card sets, doing it before the player deck runs out, or before there are too many outbreaks? There are many interesting and infuriating ways to lose Pandemic and only one way to win it. As a co-op game it's great to play with those that haven't played it before as everyone can learn at the same time. As a challenging game it puts up a really good fight. It's hard to win,and feels very rewarding when you do. But even losing is fun. Once you have learned to master the base game there are plenty of expansions to add that will change up the game play, present new challenges and provide new ways to play. What are you waiting for? buy it!

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