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Super Street Fighter IV Game PS3

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This is the NTSC version

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Product Description

Super Street Fighter IV Game PS3

Please note: this is the NTSC version of the game which is compatible with PAL systems.
Any future DLC may require a US PSN account.

Super Street Fighter IV, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV, further redefines the fighting game genre with classic 2D Street Fighter fighting action, a host of new and returning characters, more advanced online gameplay, new ultra combos and much more.

Super Street Fighter IV adds new Ultra Combos and advancements to the state of the art online matchmaking and online gameplay introduced in Street Fighter IV with numerous additional features. Super Street Fighter IV takes many of the groundbreaking features introduced in Street Fighter IV and refines everything to deliver the ultimate vision of Street Fighter to fans the world over.

Meet some of the new world warriors for Super Street Fighter IV!

Hakan: He is the uncontested champion of Turkish oil wrestling and has been so for years. He is out to prove the superiority of his fighting style and to find worthy opponents.
Dudley: This English boxer is a refined gent. Always looking for a clean fight, his regard for the rules can be seen as a weakness in a street fight.
Ibuki: This high school girl lives in a ninja village. Having been raised in a ninja clan, she often dreams of an ordinary life enjoyed by other girls her age.
Makoto: Though she looks young, her fighting prowess is nearly unmatched. She is a country girl raised in the rural Tosa region of Japan.
Adon: This self-proclaimed "King of Muay Thai" makes his contempt for others known with his surly attitude and tendency to throw insults at those he feels are inferior.
Guy: This serious-minded ninja is a practitioner of Bushinryu. He speaks in traditional Japanese, lending a stiff formality to his speech and mannerisms.
Cody: Despite his history as one of the heroes who liberated Metro city from the grip of the evil Mad Gear gang, Cody has a short temper and his penchant for starting fights has landed him in prison.
Deejay: Though he is the Jamaican kickboxing champion, he moonlights as a musician, releasing popular albums in his spare time. His disposition is extremely cheerful and he is always smiling.
T. Hawk: This warrior is a member of the Thunderbolt tribe. his father, Arroya Hawk, was killed by M. Bison and his tribe was forced from their tribal land as a result.
Juri: This S.I.N. agent has earned the nickname of 'Spider.' She is very aggressive and takes pleasure in causing pain to her opponents.

• Ultimate version of critically acclaimed and commercially successful Street Fighter IV.
• 35 playable characters: 10 new fighters added to the original 25 fighters
• 19 stages: 6 all-new stages join the original 13
• Enhanced Online Mode: Tag Match Mode: 2-player lobby where players practice until they are challenged – Tournament Mode: User-created Multiplayer lobbies – SFIV Channel: Watch and save replays of other online fights
• 2 Bonus Stages added: The famed SFII bonus stages return
• Revised Challenge Mode features new challenges to master
• Street Fighter TV: Watch replays of top matches
• Additional enhancements include: – Retuned and Rebalanced Characters – Each fighter receives an additional Ultra Attack, for a total of two each – Enhanced Storylines and rivalries – All-new Gallery mode featuring new art and animation

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Additional Information

Rating PG Classification
Supported Players 1-2 Players
Network Features Yes
HDD Space Required 18MB Minimum
Dual Shock 3 Vibration Function Yes
Supported Screen Resolution 720p
Trophies Enabled Yes
Region 1
Genre Arcade Fight Combat
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