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gNappies is changing the world of disposable nappies — top to bottom, inside and out. Our simple system pairs adorable soft cotton gPants nappy covers with Disposable Inserts that are compostable (wet ones only). gNappies Disposable Inserts are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver— a mark trusted around the world for ecologically intelligent design. Above all, gNappies is dedicated to keeping babies clean, cute and comfortable — as part of a growing global community of parents who are looking for beautiful products: inside and out.

What do I need to start using gNappies?

To use gNappies you need gPants (these are our breathable cotton nappy covers) and inserts (disposable and/or cloth). We recommend you have at least 6-8 gPants per size. You can re-use gPants throughout the day, only swapping out the dirty insert at changes, but sometimes the gPants will get dirty and you'll want to have clean ones at the ready.

How to use gNappies

Using gNappies is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Pick a pair of colourful gPants, tuck in the insert, change your baby and hug.

  1. Choose a colourful pair of gPants.
  2. Tuck Disposable Insert inside gPants.
  3. Change your baby and hug.

What sizes do they come in?

“One size fits all” isn’t an accurate statement. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and a nappy that is designed to fit them at their specific stages of growth will be a more comfortable and more effective nappy. Which is why we have 5 sizes of gPants to meet your baby’s changing shape.

  • newborn: 2-4 kg (6-10 lbs)
  • small: 3-7 kg (8-14 lbs)
  • medium: 5-13 kg (13-28 lbs)
  • large: 11-16 kg (26-36 lbs)
  • X-Large: 15+ kg (34+ lbs)

The inserts come in just two sizes:

  • Newborn/Small - fits inside newborn and small gPants.
  • Medium/Large/X-Large - fits inside medium, large, and extra large gPants.

How do I put gNappies on?

  • Put your baby's bum on the back third of the nappy. If you put your little one on the back half, there won't be enough coverage in front.
  • When you're ready to close it up, lead with the pouch (not the cloth gPants) and make sure the trim on the pouch is sitting right in the crease of the leg. Think about where your own underwear sits, in the crease where your leg meets your body. The trim of the pouch is what forms a seal around baby, keeping messes contained.
  • Now pull it up nice and high, maximizing the rise. gNappies have a higher rise than many other nappies and should sit on the natural waistline, not down on the hips. Especially for boys, it's important to make sure there is enough coverage in front.
  • Gently secure the Velcro tabs around the back. There is no need to stretch or over engage the Velcro. A too-tight fit can lift the trim of the pouch off of baby’s skin, breaking the seal.

What are gNappies made of?

Our disposable inserts are 100% biodegradable* and are the only nappy to be certified Cradle to Cradle, which means that everything that goes into them will go back to the earth in a neutral or positive way. They are made of cellulose rayon, fluffed wood pulp, and super absorber. The cellulose rayon and fluffed wood pulp comes from sustainably grown and harvested softwood. Super absorber is sodium polyacrylate (SAP) and is a green and non-toxic water absorbing polymer. Our disposable inserts are made in the USA.

gPants are 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The gPants pouch is a breathable nylon.

Cloth inserts are made of 2 layers of polyester microfleece and 2 layers of hemp/cotton.

How do I dispose of gNappies?

gNappies Disposable Inserts can be home composted (wet ones only) in a wide variety of home compost systems. The Disposable Inserts are made of cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber, which alone would be a valuable contribution to your compost, but when combined with the added nitrogen from your baby’s urine, makes an incredibly rich soil amendment safe for all manner of plants and vegetables.

Alternatively, the disposable inserts can be binned.

What are the care instructions?

gPants: Remove the gPants pouch. Close velcro tabs. Machine wash 30˚ or 40˚with like colours.

Pouches: Machine wash 30˚ or 40˚. Air dry. Avoid excessive handwashing. No vinegar. No bleach.

gCloth inserts: Prep cloth inserts before first use by washing 3x on hot, no detergent. Dry in between washes. For regular care, machine wash 60˚with a small amount of cloth-safe detergent. Avoid added enzymes, whiteners, or fabric softeners. Simplicity is best. Machine or line dry.

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