Spice Jars Creative Inspiration

Spice Jars Inspiration

Creative things to do with our fantastic range of mini glass jars!

Is your spice-rack calling out for a makeover? Looking to share the latest recipe with friends and co-workers? Or perhaps you're looking to add the final touches to make your wedding all the more special. You never know when culinary or creative inspriation may strike you; be ready when it does with our amazing little glass jars!

Made of sturdy transparent glass with a classic style lever-action seal, these convenient little jars keep their contents fresh and neatly organised without breaking the bank at only pennies each. You could expect to pay far more on the High Street!


Coming in a handy 8cm size and holding up to 125ml, these quaint little glass jars are useful for more than you might think! Perfect as a storage solution for herbs and spices, individual servings of fresh jams, chutneys, preserves, or condiments, and could be filled with sweets for excellent gifts, party or wedding favours. You could fill them with glitter as a fun activity for the kids, or use them as a portable sewing kit with pincushion stand. You could even use them to make your own candles as creative and fragrant decorations around the house! Serve your condiments and hand out gift baskets in style.

With so many uses for these versatile little jars, try our creative inspiration below for some really personal gift ideas that are easy to make! Your friends will love them!

Preserve Jar

Chilli Preserve Jars

Struggling to think of a gift for that lover of spicy, adventurous flavours in your life? We've come up with a great recipe for chilli jam, courtesy of BBC Good Food . This chilli jam has a great kick yet is mild enough to be enjoyed by anyone. Make a batch and share it around!

This recipe will fill up to 10 of our small glass jars, making it a fantastic little party favour or office icebreaker.

You will need:
  • 8 x Red Bell Peppers — Deseeded and roughly chopped,
  • 10 x Red chillies — roughly chopped (with seeds,)
  • 1 x Finger-sized piece of fresh root ginger — Peeled, roughly chopped,
  • 8 x garlic cloves — peeled,
  • 400g can of cherry tomatoes,
  • 750g golden caster sugar,
  • 250ml red wine vinegar

Step One:
Tip the peppers, chillies (with seeds), ginger and garlic into a food processor. Whizz until very finely chopped. Scrape into a heavy bottomed pan with the tomatoes, sugar and vinegar, then bring everything to the boil. Ladle out any foam that comes to the surface and set aside - you can pop this foam in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the bubbles, and then enjoy fresh! Turn the heat down to a simmer and cook for about 50 mins, stirring occasionally.

Step Two:
Once the jam is becoming sticky, continue cooking for 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently so it doesn't catch and burn. It should now look like thick, bubbling lava. Cool slightly, transfer to sterilised glass jars, then leave to cool completely.

Top Tips:
  • Try fresh cherry tomatoes for a new flavour!
  • Want a real chilli kick? Substitute 2 red chillies for scotch bonnet chillies, for some real heat.
  • Why not mix it up with different types of chillies? Try Habanero, for a hot and smoky flavour, or birds eye chilies, for a thai influence.
  • Use green peppers with jalapeno peppers for a mexican-style green chilli jam. Or make traffic light chilli jam with yellow peppers and red and green chillies - the possibilities are endless!

Arts & Crafts - Calming Glitter Jars

Jars for Arts & Crafts

Our spice jars make great bases for a variety of arts and crafts projects. A great project for schools, parents, art clubs and other crafty types. Try adding different types of glitter to a mixture of PVA-glue* and water for a calming glitter jar. Shake it up, and enjoy!

*For a safe, chemical-free alternative, try using Glycerine from your local chemists for a similar, environmentally friendly result.

Customise your swirling vortex of colour with food colouring, sequins, or make-up powder/eyeshadow to achieve some spectacular results. This is a fun activity for kids and adults - don't take our word for it, give it a try! A pack of our glass jars gives you plenty of chances to experiment

These glass glitter jars are relaxing to make and dreamy to watch, making them perfect for staying in control of anxiety and stress. The number of different combinations possible are fantastic for some therapeutic reflection time, or even expressing yourself with your friends.

If you have any trouble with your glitter jar, just add 1-2 drops of dish soap to emulsify the liquid inside and everything will return to normal.

Arts & Crafts - Sewing Kits

Sewing kit glass jar

Keeping those bits, buttons and bobbins organised in your sewing kit can be a real nightmare! Use our spice jars as a great portable container for your sewing kit - use the top as a stand for your pin cushion, keeping everything organised! There's even space for a small tape measure and chalk. The secure clip-top lid means you know nothing will go missing.

You will Need
  • Your collection of buttons, needles, bits and bobs,
  • Dressmaking Tape Measure,
  • Small Thread Bobbins/Spools,
  • A small pin-cushion,
  • Velcro or hot glue,
  • Ribbon or string for decoration

Step One
Take one of our glass jars and arrange your sewing accessories inside. Keep larger items, like threads and tape measures, at the top for easy removal, allowing your buttons and pins to rest at the bottom ready for when you need them without risking your fingers. Fasten safety pins and other items to a thin strip of thread to keep them together and fold it up! There's even space for a tiny pair of scissors!

Step Two
The flip-top lid makes excellent storage for a pin cushion! Use the strip of velcro or dab of glue and affix a small round pin-cushion to keep it neatly in place at the top of the jar when you close the lid. Never lose your needles or safety pins again!

Step Three
Decorate your sewing kit with a small ribbon, or hemp rope and tag to keep track of what's inside.

Halloween Sweet jars

Jar Sweet Favours

These Halloween jars make a wonderful surprise for the kids on Halloween and will make you the talk of the street among Trick-or-Treaters.

You will need

  • Orange food colouring (About one bottle per jar)
  • PVA Glue
  • Aluminium foil
  • Ceramic or glass paint pens (optional)
  • Permanent marker (optional)
  • Black card
  • Scissors
  • LED candle or sweets!

Step One

Mix up three parts PVA with one part water into a pourable container. Gradually add the food colouring until you achieve a bright orange colour. This may require a lot of food colouring, but keep going to achieve a vibrant result! Mix well.

Step Two

Make sure the glass jar is thoroughly clean and dry inside! Pour your PVA glue, water and food colouring mixture until the jar is about 1/5th full. Swirl the mixture around the jar until the inside is completely covered, then pour out the excess.

Step Three

Place your jar upside down on a hard surface protected with aluminium foil. Wait until the colour has evenly run across the surface before standing upright and leaving to set. This should take about an hour.

Step Four

Place your coloured glass jars in the oven on the lowest temperature setting for about 10-20 minutes, or until the colouring sets hard and clear. Carefully remove any excess glue mixture from around the rim while the jars are warm.

Step Five

Cut out little Jack-o-Lantern shapes with black card and attach them to the sides of the lantern - make sure they're on the outside! - or use them as stencils for your glass paint/sharpie. Hide a few sweets inside, or drop in a LED candle for spooky lanterns!

Christmas Lanterns

You can follow the same steps above for festive Christmas lanterns! Simply substitute orange food colouring for red and green. You could even use masking tape to mask off sections to make a candy-stripe effect. Decorate the outside with green and red glitter or white glass paint snowflakes, selotape a picture of a loved one to the back and add silver glitter snowflakes or stars inside for a special little snowglobe! Alternatively, add a LED candle inside for a great Christmas lantern!

Candle in a Jar

Candle in a Jar

Feeling even more creative? Why not turn your spice jar into a fantastic little candle!

You will need

  • Glass bowl used for candle making.
  • Pan of hot water
  • Soya Candle flakes
  • Candle colouring
  • Wicks - about 3" in length
  • Candle Tabs - the sticky ones work best!
  • Essential oils, or other fragrance (optional)
  • Your spice jars!

Step One

Boil the soya candle flakes gently in a glass bowl over your pan of hot water. Once melted, add your candle colouring and fragrance (if adding) and mix well with a stirrer or wooden spoon. While waiting for the soya candle mix to melt, continue on to Step Two.

Step Two

Pre-heat your oven to 140C, 120C fan, or Gas mark one. Wash your jars in hot soapy water and rinse well. Sterilise by leaving them in the oven for an hour. This will also warm the jars to accept the molten candle liquid, to avoid unsightly crystallisation on the side of the jar.

Step Three

Push your wick through your tab using a cocktail stick, skewer, or other tool. If your wick is untreated, dip your wick in the wax and lay it out straight to solidify before placing it in the centre of your jar.

Step Four

Pour your wax carefully into the jar and allow to set - and that's it, you're done! Experiment with different candle fragrances, or try layering different colours of wax and allowing to set!

Have fun! Why not send us your pictures to get featured on the page?!

These beautiful candles also make excellent wedding favours - but there's nothing stopping you keeping it simple! Simply fill your spice jar with your favourite sweets and use some quality stickers commemorating your wedding to make low cost favour jars with an elegant touch.

The perfect addition to any spice rack or table setting for condiments, with so many uses for these versatile little jars, you'll never want to be caught short without one. Buy more in packs of up to 72 and save!



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