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Fuji FinePix X30 Camera Silver 12MP 4xZoom 3.0LCD FHD 28mm Wide Lens

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Product Description

Fuji FinePix X30 Camera Silver 12MP 4xZoom 3.0LCD FHD 28mm Wide Lens

The X30 features the newly-developed Real Time Viewfinder – which is the largest, fastest and highest resolving viewfinder in its class – a large 2/3-inch X-TransTM CMOS II sensor (12 megapixel with no optical low pass filter), EXR Processor II image processing engine and a new Classic Chrome film simulation mode. Further additions include a new control ring along with extra dials and function buttons for more control and a tilting 3.0-inch 920K-dot premium clear LCD monitor. Battery performance has also been improved, with the X30 capable of shooting approximately 470 photos on one charge thanks to a capacity approximately 1.8 times greater than that of previous models and a new, energy-saving design.



 2.36 -million dot OLED Viewfinder
 12 –megapixel Resolution
 2/3 -inch X-Trans CMOS II Sensor
 4x (28-112mm equiv.) Optical Zoom
 ISO 100-12,800
 3.0 -inch 920k dot tilting LCD monitor
 Movie recording: 1080p @ 60/50/30/25/24fps
 NEW Classic Chrome Film Simulation
 Wireless Remote Shooting
 Interval Shooting
 Approx 470 shots per battery charge

The fastest, largest and highest resolving electronic viewfinder in its class*
Surpassing optical versions, the FUJIFILM X30s high-resolution real-time organic EL viewfinder offers an unrivalled view of the world. Clear, vivid and richly detailed thanks to its 2.36 million dot resolution, dedicated lens and adjustable controls, composition is flawless even in sunny conditions. The brightness automatically adjusts to the scene or can be set manually, allowing a range of shots only possible when shooting with a viewfinder. It all adds up to a view that will take purists back to the basic joy of shooting.
* Fujifilm research as of August 2014. Compared with other compact digital cameras equipped with 1/1.7-inch sensor or larger, being 500g or lighter in weight.

Dual ring
Thanks to the new control ring, which automatically determines the most appropriate settings for the chosen shooting mode, functions like aperture, shutter speed and more can be quickly chosen without taking your eye from the viewfinder. This is complemented by the manual zoom ring, and physical dials which have become a hallmark of the X series.

Shoot your way
Frequently accessed settings can be reached in an instant, thanks to the six customisable Function buttons on the FUJIFILM X30. These are augmented by the Q button which brings up a user-defined menu of further settings to speed up shooting.

Take approximately 470 photos* on a single charge
Thanks to improvements in battery-life performance, the FUJIFILM X30 can shoot up to 470 photos from a single charge, and can also be charged via a USB connection.
* Approximate number of frames / period that can be taken with a fully-charged battery based on CIPA standard.

2/3-inch 12M X-Trans CMOS II sensor
Featuring Fujifilms bespoke pixel array, the FUJIFILM X30 captures high quality images with its large 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor. And you will be able to enjoy high-speed continuous photography and Full HD movie shooting thanks to the high performance CMOS element of the sensor.

Speed and responsiveness come from the synergy between sensor and processor
The blazing image processing performance of the EXR Processor II not only produces images with increased resolution and higher quality at higher speeds, but also accelerates operational responses. This also speeds up operation, reducing start-up time to only about 0.5 sec.** Working in tandem with the high-speed signal readout of the X-Trans CMOS II sensor, the processor reduces the shooting interval to 0.3 second, cuts shutter time lag to approx. 0.01 sec., and raises the maximum continuous shooting speed to 12fps.
* Fujifilm research as of August 2014. Compared with other digital cameras equipped with 2/3-inch sensor or larger, based on CIPA standards, and conducted in High Performance mode.
** Quick Start and High Performance mode.

High-speed 12fps continuous shooting
The combination of the processing speed of the EXR Processor II and fast readout speed of the X-Trans CMOS II sensor enables high-speed 12fps continuous shooting at full 12-Megapixels resolution. This is particularly useful when shooting moving subjects and later selecting the best shot.

ISO100-12800 sensitivity setting range
Select from the broad sensitivity range of ISO100-12800 for shooting at a full 12-megapixel resolution. The FUJIFILM X30 also lets you set 3 types of the AUTO ISO range (up to ISO 3200) and the shutter speed limit. For quick access to ISO settings, you can assign this function to the Fn or Q Button.

Bright F2.0-F2.8 FUJINON 4x manual optical zoom lens
The lens features superb F2.0-2.8 brightness and a 4x optical zoom that promises high-resolution optical performance across the entire range from 28mm*** wide angle to 112mm*** telephoto. From the aspheric and ED lenses to high-refractive index lens, every element in the design is made from high-performance optical glass and treated with a multi-layer HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) for high resistance to ghosting and lens flare.
*** 35mm format equivalent.

Bright lens performance across the zoom range plus highly effective optical image stabilisation.
With a maximum aperture of F2.0 at wide angle and F2.8 at its maximum telephoto setting, this zoom is an extremely bright lens that can produce beautiful defocused effects across the zoom range. The built-in OIS (optical image stabilisation) mechanism delivers an image stabilising effect equivalent to 3.0-stop*4 and is extremely effective in preventing blurring caused by camera shake or subject movement.
*4 CIPA Standard

All-glass 9-groups/11-elements configuration
In order to maintain the FUJIFILM X30s compact shell whilst ensuring high image quality, Fujinon has adopted lenses made of glass with superior optical characteristics for all elements in the 9-groups/11-elements configuration. The design incorporates an arrangement of aspheric lenses, ED lenses and high-refractive index lenses which are treated with Fujinons originally developed Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating).

Focus Mode Selector (AF-S, AF-C and MF)
The focus mode selector lever to the right of the lens lets you instantly switch between AF-S (Single AF), AF-C (Continuous AF) and MF (Manual).

49-point selectable AF
Within the 49-point matrix of the auto focus area on the screen, AF accurately and swiftly recognises the primary subject and brings it into crystal clear focus. It also lets you freely select the position of the AF frame. Using the LCD monitor, you also can change the AF frame size and pinpoint the focusing.

Manual focus
The distance index bar displayed on the LCD together with the depth of field scale and aperture value provide helpful guides for focusing. While checking the image in Live View, it is easy to adjust the focus by rotating the sub command dial. Turn on “Focus Check” in the menu and you can use focus point zoom to confirm a sharp focus.

Focus Peak Highlight function for sharper manual focusing.
When manually adjusting focus, this function highlights high contrast areas of your subject for smoother and more precise fine tuning of focusing.

AF assist lamp
In low light settings when even the subject is hard to see through the viewfinder, AF Assist Lamp illuminates the subject and assists Auto Focus.

Super Intelligent flash
Automatically delivering the ideal amount of flash for every scene, the FUJIFILM X30 clearly and brightly captures faces even under strong backlit or dark conditions. Also when shooting macro shots in dim lighting, this smart flash prevents the washout of the subject and background. When even more light is required or you are shooting with the lens hood attached, you can use a separately sold TTL flash.

Capture stunning time-lapse photography using Interval Timer shooting
Capture the passage of time. Simply, set the starting time, the shooting interval (1 sec. to 24 hr.) and finally the number of frames (1-999), and the FUJIFILM X30 does the rest, allowing you to discover the unique world of time-lapse photography.

Get creative with multiple exposures
Shoot one photo, then seamlessly merge it with another via the Multiple Exposure mode, for an expressive and artistic look. Composing the second frame is easy as it can be shot while displaying the first on screen.

In-camera RAW Converter
The FUJIFILM X30s built-in RAW data converter lets you view and edit your results without the need for your PC. The conversion of RAW data not only takes into account exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera image quality control settings, but also lets the user apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.

Full HD movie shooting with manual settings
The X30 gives you full cinematic flexibilty with a range of resolutions, frame rates and manual shooting options.

Multiple frame rates
To maximise the compatibility with third party video editing software, the X30 can shoot at 60, 50, 30, 25 or 24 frames per second*.
* In 1920 x 1080p / 1280 x 720p modes

Manual control
The X30s aperture size, shutter speed** and ISO sensitivity can all be set during movie recording. It can also shoot movies using any of the Film Simulation modes listed above.
** Only shutter speeds faster than the set frame rate can be set.

Resolution: 12.0 million pixels
Sensor type: 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II with primary colour filter
Storage media: Internal memory (approx. 55MB)
SD / SDHC / SDXC(UHS-I) memory card*1
File format: still imageJPEG (Exif Ver 2.3)*2,
RAW (RAF format), RAW JPEG
(Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible)movieMOV (H.264, Audio : Linear PCM / stereo sound)
Number of recorded pixels: L : (4:3) 4000 x 3000 / (3:2) 4000 x 2664 / (16:9) 4000 x 2248 / (1:1) 2992 x 2992
M : (4:3) 2816 x 2112 / (3:2) 2816 x 1864 / (16:9) 2816 x 1584 / (1:1) 2112 x 2112
S : (4:3) 2048 x 1536 / (3:2) 2048 x 1360 / (16:9) 1920 x 1080 / (1:1) 1536 x 1536
Motion Panorama: 360° Vertical : 11520 x 1624 Horizontal : 11520 x 1080
180° Vertical : 5760 x 1624 Horizontal : 5760 x 1080
120° Vertical : 3840 x 1624 Horizontal : 3840 x 1080

Name: Fujinon 4x optical zoom lens
focal lengthf=7.1 - 28.4mm, equivalent to 28-112mm on a 35mm format
full-aperture: F2.0 (Wide) - F2.8 (Telephoto)
constitution: 9 groups 11 lenses (3 aspherical glass molded lenses included)
Digital zoom: Intelligent digital zoom approx. 2x (up to 8x when combined with optical zoom)
Aperture: F2.0 - F11 (Wide)
F2.8 - F11 (Telephoto) 1/3EV step (controlled 7-blade aperture diaphragm)
Focus distance (from lens surface): NormalWide : Approx. 50cm / 1.6ft. to infinity
Telephoto : Approx. 80cm / 2.6ft. to infinity
MacroWide : Approx. 10cm - 3.0m / 3.9in. - 9.8ft.
Telephoto : Approx. 50cm - 3.0m / 1.6ft. - 9.8ft.
Super MacroApprox. 1.0cm -1.0m / 0.4in. - 3.3ft.

Sensitivity: AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3 (Control available up to ISO3200), Equivalent to ISO 100 / 200 / 250 / 320 / 400 / 500 / 640 / 800 / 1000 / 1250 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500 / 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 6400 / 12800 (Standard Output Sensitivity)
Exposure control: TTL 256-zone metering, Multi / Spot / Average
Exposure mode: Programmed AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual exposure
Exposure compensation: -3.0EV - 3.0EV 1/3EV step (movie recording : -2.0EV - 2.0EV)
Auto bracketing: AE Bracketing : /-1/3EV, /-2/3EV, /-1EV
Film Simulation Bracketing : Any 3 type of Film Simulation selectable
Dynamic Range Bracketing : 100% / 200% / 400%
ISO sensitivity Bracketing : /-1/3EV, /-2/3EV, /-1EV
White Balance Bracketing ( /-1, /-2, /-3)
White balance: Automatic scene recognition PresetFine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light, Underwater, Custom, Colour temperature selection
Shooting modes: SPPortrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text, UnderwaterMODE DIALAUTO, ADVANCED SR AUTO, P, S, A, M, SP1, SP2, Filter, Adv., Panorama

Image stabilization: Lens shift type
Face detection: YES
Shutter speed: (Auto mode) 1/4 sec. to 1/4000* sec. , (All other modes) 30 sec. to 1/4000* sec. * 1/4000sec. at small aperture, 1/1000sec. at full aperture
Continuous shooting: TOPSuper High : approx. 12 fps (max. 18 frames*)
High : approx. 9.0 fps (max. 23 frames*)
Middle : approx. 6.0 fps (max. 46 frames*)
Low : approx. 3.0 fps (max. 100 frames*) * Max. number of frames can be shot in JPEG setting
LAST-Best Frame captureSuper High : approx. 12 fps (max. 8 frames*)
High : approx. 9.0 fps (max. 8 frames*)
Middle : approx. 6.0 fps (max. 8 frames*)
Low : approx. 3.0 fps (max. 8 frames*) * Max. number of frames can be shot in JPEG setting

Mode: Single AF / Continuous AF / MF
Type: Intelligent Hybrid AF (TTL contrast AF / TTL phase detection AF), AF assist illuminator available
AF frame selectionMulti, Area, Tracking

Self timer: 10 sec. / 2 sec. delay
Interval timer shooting: Yes (Setting : Interval, Number of shots, Starting time)

Flash: Manual pop-up flash (Super intelligent Flash)
Effective range (ISO AUTO): NormalWide : Approx. 30cm - 7.0m / 11.7in. - 22.9ft.
Telephoto : Approx. 50cm - 5.0m / 1.6ft. - 16.4ft.
Flash modes: Red-eye Removal OFFAuto, Forced Flash, Slow Synchro., Commander, Suppressed FlashRed-eye Removal ONRed-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro., Commander, Suppressed Flash
Hot shoe: Yes (Dedicated TTL Flash compatible)

Viewfinder: 0.39-in., approx. 2.360K-dot OLED colour viewfinder
Coverage of viewing area vs. capturing area : approx. 100%
Eye point : approx. 17.5mm (from the rear end of the cameras eyepiece)
Diopter adjustment : -4m-1 to 2m-1
Magnification : 0.65x with 50mm lens (35mm format equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to - 1.0m-1
Diagonal angle of view : approx. 31° (Horizontal angle of view : approx. 25°)
Built-in eye sensor
LCD monitor: 3.0-inch, aspect ratio 3:2, approx. 920K-dot, Tilt type colour LCD monitor (approx. 100% coverage)

Movie recording: 1920 x 1080 pixels / 1280 x 720 pixels (60 fps, 50 fps, 30 fps, 25 fps, 24 fps) / 640 x 480 pixels (30 fps, 25 fps) with stereo sound
Optical zoom (manual) can be used.

Photography functions: ADVANCED SR AUTO, High Speed Movie (80/150/250 fps.), Face Detection, Auto Red-eye Removal, Colour, Sharpness, Highlight Tone, Shadow Tone, Noise Reduction, Dynamic Range, Adv. mode (Pro focus, Pro low light, Multiple Exposure), Motion panorama360, Electronic level, Histogram display, Framing guideline, Frame No. memory, Advanced Anti Blur, Pre-AF, Focus check, Focus Peak Highlight, Rlease/Focus Priority, Instant AF setting(AF-S/AF-C), Interlock spot AE & Focus area, Control Ring setting, Edit/Save Quick Menu, Function (Fn) setting

Playback functions: Face Detection, Auto Red-eye Removal, Multi-frame playback (with micro thumbnail), Protect, Crop, Resize, Slide show, Image rotate, Histogram display, Exposure warning, Photobook assist, Image search, Favorites, Mark for upload, Panorama, Erase Selected Frames, RAW Conversion

Other functions: PictBridge, Exif Print, 35 Languages, Time difference, Shutter sound, Silent mode, Quick start Mode, Power management, Preview exp. in manual mode, Monitor sunlight mode, EVF brightness, EVF colour, LCD brightness, LCD colour, Preview pic. effect, DISP. custom setting

Wireless transmitter
Standard: IEEE 802.11b / g / n (standard wireless protocol)
Access mode: Infrastructure
Wireless functions: Geotagging, Wireless communication (Image transfer), View & Obtain Images, Remote camera shooting, instax printer print, PC Autosave

Video output: -
Digital interface: USB2.0 (High-Speed) / micro USB terminal
* connectable with Remote Release RR-90 (sold separately)
HDMI output: HDMI mini connector (Type D)
Audio input: Microphone / shutter release input: 2.5mm, stereo mini connector

Power supply: NP-95 Li-ion battery (included)
Battery life: Approx. 470 frames (LCD : ON, AUTO mode)
Dimensions: 118.7mm (W) x 71.6mm (H) x 60.3mm (D) / 4.7in. (W) x 2.8in. (H) x 2.4in. (D)
Weight: Approx. 423g / 14.9 oz. (including battery and memory card)
Approx. 383g / 13.5 oz. (excluding battery and memory card)
Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C ( 32°F - 104°F)
Operating humidity: 10 - 80% (no condensation)

Accessories included: Li-ion battery NP-95, AC power adapter AC-5VT, Plug Adapter, Shoulder strap, Lens cap, Metal strap clip, Protective cover, Clip attaching tool, USB cable, Owners Manual(Basic Operations)

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