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Fuji FinePix AX550 Silver Camera Kit inc 4Gb SD 4x AA Batteries Charger & Case

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Product Description

Fuji FinePix AX550 Silver Camera Kit inc 4Gb SD 4x AA Batteries Charger & Case

The Fujifilm AX550 makes it easy to take great photos. The AX550 features a 16MP CCD sensor that captures large, high quality images. Also, a precision Fujinon 5x Optical Zoom Lens brings the action closer, and a bright 2.7" LCD makes shooting and viewing a snap. The AX550 also features the convenience of AA battery operation. These features and more make the AX550 a simple to use value solution for the everyday picture taker. 
  • 16 Megapixel CCD
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • 2.7 inch LCD Monitor
  • SR Auto
  • CCD Shift Image Stabilization
  • Inteligent Flash
Easy to use
A range of point-and-shoot scene modes, tailored to specific circumstances, make great photography easy. Why not try shooting amazing panoramic images with Motion Panorama technology. 
Six-scene SR AUTO scene recognition
The FinePix AX550 is designed to be simple to use from the moment you pick it up. Choose a scene mode to match the subject you are shooting, or let the camera decide what settings to use with its SR AUTO scene recognition. Tackle complicated shots without getting bogged down in the technical stuff. 
Point the FinePix AX550 at a subject and it will recognise instantly what you are trying to take a picture of and put the camera into the right mode - portrait, landscape, night, macro, night portrait or backlit portrait. 
If the FinePix AX550 detects faces it will track them around the frame and direct its exposure metering and focusing towards them. 
Capture the bold colours and tones in a landscape, emphasising blue skies and green leaves. 
Sensitivity and shutter speed are controlled carefully to give you blur-free pictures with minimal digital noise. 
Explore the close-up world and let the AX550 look after the precise macro focusing, bringing out detail in your subjects. 
Night Portrait 
Use the AX550s flash to light up the people in your shot, and keep light from the background too. 
Backlit Portrait 
When shooting into the light the AX550 carefully adjusts exposure to avoid your subject appearing as a silhouette. 
Point and shoot scene modes
When you know exactly what you are shooting, and you want the best result without any fuss, Fujis scene-mode technology is for you. Choose from portrait to landscape and from beach to snow. And be confident that the AX550 will always deliver the results. 
Fantastic image quality
16-megapixel resolution and a quality 5x optical zoom deliver great looking photos and movie clips you will be proud to share with family and friends. 
Great image quality 
The FinePix AX550 may be easy to use, but its also a great performer, turning in great images time after time. At the heart of the camera lies a 16-megapixel sensor - thats enough resolution to produce prints larger than A3 and capture every last drop of detail from a scene. 
Colours are bright and bold without being unnatural, and delicate tones are reproduced accurately and subtly. No matter that the conditions through at you, your pocket-sized FinePix AX550 will be able to tackle them. 
5x optical zoom lens
The FinePix AX550 uses a 5x optical zoom, which covers the same range as a 33-165mm zoom on a full-frame DSLR. Thats flexible enough for all of your travel, landscape and party pictures, not to mention those classic memories of the kids growing up. 
High sensitivity in low light
When light levels get low, keep shooting with variable sensitivity that goes up to an impressive ISO3200 - thats enough for hand-held photography in situations that would otherwise need flash. 
Raising the ISO sensitivity of your AX550 also forces the camera to use faster shutter speeds in low light - a great approach for freezing action in sports and wildlife photography. 
Digital image stabilisation
Camera movement can seriously affect image sharpness in low light, which is why the AX550 is equipped with digital image stabilisation: if the camera anticipates camera shake it will raise the shutter speed to compensate, ensuring sharp, blur-free results. 
Lightweight portable design
Coming in at a feather-like 168g, the FinePix AX550 is a camera that you will never want to leave at home. At a shade under 3cm thick it will fit in every pocket and bag, accompanying you everywhere from holidays to weddings and family parties. Robust construction, a retractable lens and a built-in lens cap help prevent accidental damage too. 
Four bright colours
The Fujifilm FinePix AX550 comes in four distinctive metallic colours: black, pink, red and silver. Which will you choose? 
Convenient features
2.7-inch Monitor
A large 2.7-inch LCD viewscreen dominates the rear of the camera. Here you will compose and review pictures as well as navigate through the cameras menu commands. The screen is clear and bright even in strong outdoor light and viewable from wide angles - great when sharing images with friends. 
2x AA Batteries 
You will never be too far from a set of replacement batteries, should you run out of power when out and about. 
SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
Files from your AX550 are stored on an SD or SDHC memory card. With a maximum capacity of 32GB, you will never be short of room for high quality still images and hours of HD video content. 
Built-in social networking and easy internet uploading
Photography is for sharing, which is why the AX550 was built with social networking in mind. Tag those pictures and movie clips you want to upload and the camera will do all of the leg work the next time you connect it to your home PC. 
And for a more traditional approach, the AX550s 2.7-inch view screen is perfect for looking over pictures with friends too. You can even search through your picture library to find just the images you are looking for. 
Facebook and YouTube - as easy as one, two , three
Tag the pictures you want to share later as you are reviewing them in camera. When you get home, just connect your FinePix AX550 to a PC running MyFinePix Studio software - new pictures and movie clips are identified automatically and uploaded to Facebook or YouTube in an instant. 
Powerful in-camera image search
Who says you have to keep all your images on your home computer? The FinePix AX550 makes a great photo viewer as well as a camera. Whats more you can search through large picture libraries to find just those pictures you want. 
By date
Instantly find all pictures and video shot on a specific occasion, such as a party or wedding
By face
Filter your search according to how many people are present in the frame: group shots, couples or solo portraits. 
By scene type
For pictures shot in SR AUTO mode, its possible to search for images by scene type, bringing only landscape shots, for instance. 
By media type
Choose to show only still images, edited images or movies clips. 
By favorite rank
Rank your pictures with star-ratings, giving your favourites five stars. Then search through your library to find only the pictures you like the most. 
By upload mark
Search for pictures and movie clips which you have tagged for upload to Facebook or YouTube. 
Photobook Assist
Photobooks are a great way of sharing your images with family and friends, and you can start to make one right in your camera. 
Search or browse for the pictures you want to include and save them in a special photobook folder. When you get home and connect your camera to MyFinePix Studio software you will be able to finish off the book and order it on line. Or why not take your camera into your local high-street photo processor and order your photobook in person? 
*1 MyFinePix Studio is required to be updated through Internet to use this function. 
*2 Print service availability depends on region. 
Micro Thumbnail View
Up to 100 pictures can be viewed at a time in a 10x10 array of micro thumbnails. Convenient for smooth and comfortable playback. 
Close-ups of detected faces are shown in slideshow style. 

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